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What's obvious:


You want to pass along your business card and you know it should include a website address.


Even a matching email address is a good move. 


Having a great website helps bring your business to life because it gives you a place to visually store the products and services you are offering. A website is the entry point online just as the front doors to your location would be. Your business is less convincing without that website.


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What's realistic:


A professional website costs money.  

 You could try to do-it-yourself but your competitor is also online. We all have nano seconds to win that target market over. Can you stand up to the competition using your own web design skills? Do you have a checklist of what your website requires to get leads? Keywords?

What are your options:


A new website.


A website address.

You can lease a professionally designed website, paying only a low monthly maintenance fee for as long as you need it. Both make you look good right away.

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We know what it's like to be a start-up, we've been there, we've done that. In fact, many of our clients are start-ups: people with ideas who are just getting started and have a list of new expenses coming at them.

That is why we offer a low monthly lease program for websites. 


+ email addresses

Frequently Asked



A logo is NOT INCLUDED in website design, we CAN DESIGN one for you to purchase and use according to the terms of our graphics agreement. 

Do I have any input into my new website name?

Yes, you absolutely do! We work with you on the name so that you don't fall into the mistake of naming your website something that is regrettable down the road. 

What's a low monthly payment look like?

Well it is much lower than you pay for cable tv! We ask for a $150 deposit, or a $200 deposit for eCommerce websites, and then prices begin at $49 +. The additional amount will depend on add-ons you may require, for example: you may need eCommerce add ons if you are selling a product from your website. The deposit +  $49 monthly covers 5 website pages Home, About, Contact with forms and an additional 2 pages. We link to your social media. We create custom online forms so you collect the information you need. Should you need more pages, add $10 per page, per month. Page sizes have a maximum size at our discretion. While we can make a long website page for you, we cannot make a never ending page. We want you to succeed and we want to offer reasonable prices but we decide what we publish. For further questions, please call or contact. 

Can I provide my own website name?

You can tell us the name you want. We will see if it is available. We do not use outside purchased website domain names for our leased websites. We purchase and obtain website names for our clients and renew the website name annually with the lease. Doing so keeps us both happy because we don't let your website name expire and get purchased by a third party. It can be complicated and costly to get your website name back when that happens. We can't manage a name that we don't own. We want to avoid trouble shooting a third party website name that goes wrong but if we did, we would send you an invoice and that would drive your price up. We aren't going there.


What happens when I no longer want to lease my website?

We lease the website for a minimum of one year and in one year increments. During that time, we make any changes you would like so your website is constantly fresh and updated without your having to purchase a new website every so often. What is working and trending with websites is constantly changing. With website leasing, you are assured that your website won't look outdated. 

When you no longer want your website lease after the first year, simply let us know and we stop the low monthly billing. We let you know when your year is up and ask if you want to renew and would like to know at those times. If you want to end your lease after the first year and between anniversaries, there may me small fees to cover the yearly hosting fees that we pay to the internet on your behalf. 

In the future, can I purchase the website I have leased?

At this time we don't re-sell leased websites. A great benefit to leasing websites is that they accrue online ranking with the ongoing SEO. Leasing keeps websites managed and trending, a purchased website incurs additional fees to upgrade it periodically. 

Are your websites Search Engine Optimized for optimum ranking?

We build in Search Engine Optimization and we also make boosting your SEO an option. We add an additional amount to the monthly leasing amount. The additional SEO broadcasts your website throughout search networks like Google. Improving search engine ranking takes time in most cases and the booster package is a year commitment.

Can I blog on my leased website?

Coming soon...

Will my leased website be linked to my social media?

Yes, provide us the social media links to business accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


We can help set these accounts up and provide branding graphics, this service is purchased separately.

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