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What's the Difference?

Why is your competitor having success?

Let me illustrate something for you:

Something pretty incredible happened at work for me this last week. This isn't the first time its happened but I am always affected when I see the actual results my efforts has on my clients success. I am a website developer and I perform SEO and customize my clients online presence with branded graphics. This is not about me, here is the story:

A particular client approached me last year with a goal to grow their business. Every client wants that to be honest, so I asked what growth would look like for their company. They indicated that they would like to be able to hire another full time employee and for their admin person to be able to work full time.

At that time, the admin person didn't work on Fridays but this week she called my office on a Friday. I had remade their website and have been performing search engine optimization online strategy (SEO) for them for nearly a year. I noted that the admin was working on a Friday and she said < hand to my heart > our business has grown so much this year, that I am now employed full time! 2 weeks ago, her boss, my client told me that whenever they answer the phone anymore, it seems like it's a new customers who did a mobile search and found them online.

That is the difference.

You see, when people contact you from your website, they are pretty much sold on hiring you at that point. That contact has done the homework, was convinced by your website that you could solve their need and mostly want to know when you can start. You have to get that online contact and unless you can understand and stay on top of SEO with the experience level of a pro, you are playing small and hoping and wishing. This is your business, get serious.

It always saddens me when I meet a new/Startup company that shirks at getting a pro developed website. Many of them tell me: I can build a website myself. You make a Go-Cart level website while a pro makes a high performance vehicle. Search Engine Optimization is the fuel in online vehicles. You can make a go cart but can you make it go?

Do you understand?

This one important business investment: a professionally developed website with SEO performance, can take you places. Outsourcing this component of your marketing ensures you get a specialist in a field that is constantly changing trends. Consider a small business who values their customers and survive by integrity, value, and dedication. I have seen big box website builders lock clients into a contract and then not deliver the promised results. Don't get stuck. A small website company can’t survive with that kind of lackluster customer care, they must deliver, must be on top of their game. Get real with a professional who is a SMB (small/medium business).

BIO: Rhonda M. Smolarek, SEO | Websites | Graphics dba as , welcomes your contact. Ask about the Website Lease program.

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