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Effective trends in website marketing and mobile audience centered QR code marketing that make you stand apart from the competition. Preview features worth adding to encourage contact from online and mobile visitors.

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QR Code Menus


If you are planning to leave the house for dining, road trips or cross country travel, be prepared for lots of touch free food orders. Accessing these menus is literally a snap. You point your smart phones camera at the square code and it pops up a web link to tap on. Or you could also use the camera on your tablet computer. Easy right?

The best time to use a QR code was yesterday, The second best time to add a QR code to a business is now.

Remarkable QR Codes

Paper Menus Are Out - Digital Menus Are In

A business owner can always go to the internet a generate any old QR code, and many people do. To really harness the powers that are within, working with a professional QR code marketer is a good idea. Copying what others are doing is quick, but what if you could get that little square to stand out with a branded logo that adds to the overall experience your customers have? The devil is in the details!

Industry Leaders Advise

In a fairly recent Forbes Magazine online article, the image above was taken in Paris to prepare luxury travel readers for the new pandemic world. These squares are mobile activated and are an iron clad inclusion into today. They can be basic or they can be used to boost brands online performance.

  • Encourage social media posting

  • Include a quick survey

  • Schedule a future reservation

There's more!

Exciting possibilities ahead: Banners, window vinyl, lanyards, ground stickers. A little chit of paper with a QR code on it is lazy and maybe a little tacky. We can do better. Contact Remarkable Design, a website and graphics agency, and invest your brand into a boosting outside and inside use of the QR code trend.

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