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Census QR code Campaign

In NY, Maimonides Hospital has been using a QR code campaign to complete the census form. These census QR codes are displayed in areas where patients. staff and people walking by the hospital are able to see and scan. The census QR codes are quick and easy to scan which makes the form easy to complete while waiting or on the go.

The barcodes are also displayed on lanyards as worn by hospital staffers. Booklets and other print materials are shared in common areas, enabling people to complete the survey while they're in waiting and exam rooms or wherever they might be.

No-Contact Method of Accessing Information and Engagement

A QR code offers a no-contact way of accessing information, an important safety concern at this time, a QR code offers an opportunity to be occupy and engage the pubic in waiting areas, at conventions, anywhere there is a wifi-signal.

Plain Codes VS Branded QR Codes

Today's favorite tool of many, the smart phone, can instantly launch a QR code by simply pointing the camera feature at a QR code, sending a mobile visitor to an online destination. A branded, or graphic QR code is more likely to attract public use because the coded information appears to extend an invitation to common use, the branding serves to trigger interest and curiosity.

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