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5 reasons to rethink your free QR code

Innovative QR Code brander and author of QR Codes Optimized. Webmaster and general, all-purpose nerd.

Our QR Codes look gooood!

But the real magic happens on the inside.


Anyone can generate a QR Code and many people do. Nothing wrong with that but what's often missed is the performance aspect. It's like buying a copycat item and then discovering what it lacks in quality. You don't want to lack quality and high performance in your money making department. You want a wow response from that QR code!

Advanced QR Codes can generate more income for business than simply connecting to an existing web page. QR Codes aren't going away post pandemic so now is the time to get this trend right. The only better time was yesterday.

You linked your free generated QR code to a website page. It works. It's nothing special. Nothing amazing happened.

What did you miss?

1. Seniors spend more and they're irritated with your pinch and stretch screen mess.

2. People don't want you touching their cc. Ok?

3. People return more often when they have a delightful experience. They didn't have one with your QR code. They whined about it for 12 minutes. Trust me.

4. Your QR code sent them somewhere and then they had to click several times to get to where they wanted.

5. People want instant satisfaction when they use their mobile. They want pictures. They want atmosphere. They want simplicity.

Remarkable Web Design, LLC has a great sense of humor, and a greater sense of how we're going to make you happy with our qr code.

Questions? One free question per customer. Consultations available for DIY-ers. We want to make your next QR Code.

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