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Dear Entrepreneur,

You can compete with the big dogs online, you need to know how to do that without someone trying to sell you 9 thousand things before they get to the good part. I don't do business like that, it rubs against my integrity. Here is straight scoop:

The proven system of targeted marketing through a professional website and social media targeted marketing can be quickly effective. Why? Because today we have educated consumers.

Educated shoppers use their always handy smart phones or desktop computers to research their need, find it’s name or keyword, and then to find their solutions using the keywords. Today’s shopper is more likely to use the above method than they are to crawl around business networking groups at a snails pace hoping to discover the resolution they need. They are using business networks primarily to sell. Meanwhile, their spouse is shopping online. That outdated way shouldn’t even make sense to you, to spend large amounts of time and money at a business networking event hoping to get lucky is slow. People get and they seek immediate gratification more times than not. Business networking is like using a dial-up modem today. Why do that? It works. It is slow. That method is the epitome of working hard and not working smart. You sacrifice your nights and weekends, neglect yourself and your family, feed your stress… dude. Stop.

Create a DIY website if you can.

Understand that building your own website is going to take you more time to create and you will likely have less critical components working on the back end than a qualified professional would install. You are busy running a business, right? Invest in your success the right way.

You already made your own website…

Are you sure your website is trending in appearance? This matters tremendously, don’t fool yourself. Subliminally speaking, people visit a website and determine in a glance whether that website looks like the business can deliver the solution they seek. That is literally decided in about 3 seconds before they click away and continue their search. The next website they arrive at may not have your awesome solutions but it looks so convincing that they linger and contact the other guy instead. Is your website ugly? Be honest with yourself or ask a friend to be honest with you.

This message is brought to you to inform you. Of course we would be honored to serve your online needs, but we want you to be knowledgeable first.

Next blog is about Social Media, don't miss it!

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