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10 Remarkable Website Trends for 2019

Consumers judge the credibility and trustworthiness of your business from your website’s design. With years of researching under their belt, website visitors are more sharp and judgmental than ever. Strong, modern web design is vital to business reputation, bottom lines and futures.

In this article, Rhonda Smolarek from Remarkable Design highlights web design trends that are clearly trending as well as shares what we find to hold Remarkable Design potential for 2019.

1. Animations - Background videos, motion graphics, scrolling effects… Check out this Remarkable Design website, notice how the top real estate immediately brings life to the page and enhances the user experience.

2. Parallax Scrolling - visitors are going to scroll down anyway, make the highest use of this typical action count. Emotional tugs, displays of competence, proof of impact can all shine their sublime lights as the visitor scrolls down as they investigate your brand.

Example parallax scrolling, scroll down home page and view the animation that occurs during the scroll down:

3. Typography - An art really, arranging text for appeal using the perfect fonts, font size, font weight, colors and spacing. Serifs, in particular, can do a lot of good when used in titles.

4. Video Banners & Headers - Video, particularly a dark video with light text can really draw the online visitor in. The drawback is that this element can cause slow loading problems which may make a visitor “bounce” away from the website. Watch the load speed, size and location of the video header so that there is little distraction from the message, including a button with “call to action” right there in the video header can buy a second or two with that video header loading.

See this video example (a Remarkable Design website)

5. Hero Images - Using wide images has been trending for a few years now because of the competent visual impact to the online visitor. Parallax scrolling past hero images can convey your brands approach towards the products and services offered. This image must be strong but simple. The use of gradients and grainy texture is masterful at drawing focus without overwhelming. Clutter and business will not be as effective.

6. Minimalism - Keeping in mind that the online visitor wants to get right to the point, minimalism is the go-to for aesthetics as well as up front content. If the online visitor wants to know more, avail the call to action option of READ MORE or similar wording that makes the point. In this RD website, we added a scrolling home page featuring the vital, succinct information juxtapose to the left of this static, high resolution image of a plate of fresh, organic vegetables.

7. Thumbs friendly Navigation - We know that for many businesses, the potential client meets you first via a mobile device. For many years, under my brand QR Codes of Note, I have been designing mobile QR codes exclusively with the mobile mindset and that is keeping in mind that this visitor is using a mobile device (phone, tablet), viewing from a screen smaller than a desktop, using a hand held device and using one thumb to navigate is tops in the user experience. Tailoring website pages to the Thumb user is the optimal goal.

8. Responsive Design - Responsive design - mobile friendliness, now a basic, is highly recommended by Google, is that ease and flexibility of resizing content and images on desktop and mobile. Not having responsive design is literally like being last in the line among your competitors when mobile phone users are looking for your product or service. No one scrolls to page 657 in an online search to locate what they seek. Doctor’s and specialist are infamous for making vivid magazine ads which point interested parties to primitive, frustrating websites that pretty much negate the marketing investment. Get a website quote now.

9. Security - While security is not a visual component, including an SSL certification, an "https" in the URL will ensure maximized visibility potential. Without this SSL certification, a little box pops up before a visitor reaches the website. The box warns that the website may not be safe and can scare visitors away. Military installations, universities and other security minded organizations may disable the ability to view the website without the SSL certification of https.

10. The Bottom Line - The expression “bottom line” refers to end monetary gains but here I am referring to the websites footer and it’s potential to increase monetary gain. With Remarkable Design websites, I keep an eye out for details that will “Maximize the online business potential”, so with that challenge consistently in mind, you can expect to see a dramatic change in Remarkable Design’s website footers. Why? Online visitors generally start at the top of the website and scroll down, some go right to the footer because it houses the Site Map. The sitemap is important to Google and other search engines for ranking websites and the footer page is generally visible on all of the websites pages. The footer represents an opportunity to escort website visitors directly to the information they are seeking without all the undesired clicking around. Remarkable Design will be making the previously low key footer area a Remarkable Design feature for clients.

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