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Second Quarter Focus…

5 Marketing Trends for 2018

Second quarter is here! Are you using what is trending in marketing? Let’s check:


We have all heard, for the past few years, that mobile is where people meet us. Let that really penetrate right now. Look around and what you will see is that people are on their phones when waiting in lines, when waiting at the doctors office, or waiting any where.

Put a mobile strategy in place to engage with your prospects. This means pay attention to your mobile website for mobile elements. An example is, send texts (depending on your business) with specials. Start small, don’t blast people with your message more than twice a month. Try one fun text and one promotional with a call to action. Gauge what your audience responds to.


I challenge you to start seeing your business as a media company. People are reading news online and that news runs the conversation for the day, week or month. Get your conversation in front of your prospects with quality content. Launch messages that are 100% focused on providing helpful, original content to your end customers. This content could be a podcast, a well written and concise blog, or even a live stream video. Keeping in mind the attention span of your audience, get to the point quickly or you risk losing them. Those with the best content will land on top.


What is that? A tool used on the other side of the computer to respond with customers for engagement, customer service, general questions, and even to help close business.

Look into the Facebook chatbot to respond to customers before you can get to them. Use an engaging topic to drive customers to initiate contact. Data driven marketing has seen open rates of 80% and higher with audiences. Those rates exceed email open rates significantly and are not to be ignored.


Organic traffic from SEO continues to be one of the absolute best sources of web traffic for many businesses. There are many components involved in online ranking, the number of reviews you have is a key factor. Google looks at your Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews more to prioritize a business in the search rank.

According to research, half of adults under the age of 50 regularly check online reviews before committing to a purchase decision. Put together a solid plan for getting reviews for your business. Be careful not to incentivize (this is not allowed), but instead have a system for asking for a review. Asking for that review when a customer is happy certainly helps. Source


Expect to see more Facebook Live videos. People seem to prefer to watch over reading. Video tells stories that influence and get your point across faster and so it can improve sales. Adding video to a landing page and Facebook banner for example, is shown to increase conversions as much as 80%, according to research. YouTube videos help increase SEO. Remember to focus on quality content and to answer for your audience “what’s in it for me”. I’m a fan of videos made with your phone for use on social media because the viewer gets to meet the real you but don’t discount the polished, professional video and videographer to aid in telling your story professionally. Source

THATS 5 Pick one and execute!

RHONDA M SMOLAREK, online marketing professional provides consultation on the execution of online marketing execution because, as she puts it, "they didn't teach social media in school!". Ms. Smolarek holds professional certifications in online marketing.

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