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2018 Facebook for the Reluctant

“Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.”

-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

First of all, stop all that nonsense about how you don't have time for messing about on Facebook, this is business! You have time for business don't you?

  • 5 new Facebook users are created every second (Source), FB is relevant, are you?

  • The highest traffic on FB is midweek between 1-3 pm (Source)

  • Thursdays and Fridays the engagement is 18% higher (Source)

  • The average number of friends Facebook-ers have is 338. The implication is that their friends have the opportunity to see your posts (Source)

In advertising, people frequently need to see your business message several times before they pull the trigger and contact you and with Facebook users checking several times a day, you don’t need to, nor should you post your business message super frequently nor exclusively on your Facebook page.

Personal and Business pages are two different animals of the same species. The FB business page allows you to schedule your posts and creates analytics to measure engagement and more, while the FB personal page doesn’t.

Here's how to roll:

  • Just have fun, people will see your business message eventually.

  • Don’t be boring! Or selfish! Laugh and engage with others or you're not really being social, are you?

  • Could you just not constantly beat people over the head with your opinions? It can be exhausting getting shook up all the time.

  • Genuineness, dogs, and baby anything are good topics.

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About your business/service: If you were at a party in real life, you wouldn’t walk up to people and talk all about yourself or they would eventually make an excuse to slip away from you . It’s not cool on Facebook either!

A few simple tips for getting your posts seen more in 2018 is to:

  • Post from a trustworthy news source. Like him or loathe him, Donald Trump has made an impact on real vs. fake news and Facebook has incorporated that notion into its algorithms. Reliable websites get more visibility on Facebook in 2018.

  • Like your own posts, yes, Like your own posts

  • and comment on them too because initially Facebook rolls out new posts to a few people. If there is a response to the post, FB rolls out your post to more people.

  • Schedule your posts. Facebook likes that and when you do, some online schedulers keep analytics on the best times for you just like your FB business page does. Sites like and can be great tools.


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