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2018 Website Trends

I keep up to date on things like this because I am a website designer but also because I often work with SMB’s who want to DIY and then I find myself coming in as Plan B. Some people find that they just don’t have the time to dedicate to the website maintenance because they are busy running a business. I do not mind being Plan B for website development or providing graphic support. I provide graphic support invisibly for website designers often.

Here are trends to look for in 2018 because all those tidy website templates are going to become obsolete and seem dated quick as a wink. DIY in the website world is not taking over because professional design is not going out like that! There is truly a lot to be said for professional design and if you’re not careful, your website will tell people: I made this myself because my business is not successful. To avoid that, try incorporating some of these website design trends:


Font trends on websites are becoming more nonconventional in part because screen definitions have improved to the point that Serif fonts are now looking good on mobile but also because the unexpected font can separate a website from the pact of online competition. Look for all types of Bold, hand drawn and atypical fonts to replace those san serifs that have become the go-to’s.

2. SHAPES: The look on websites starts to blend when every website is copying every other website. That is not website design, online is not the best place to be uniform. If only I had a dollar for everyone who wanted a website that looked just like their competitor. Wait, I do have dollars for that, but that is not my point, you are better off with a Remarkable Design, literally. In 2018 some distinctions are to incorporate Shapes, you can see an example on my About page and below is an example of a use of Shapes (image source):

3. COLORS: Use of Color is not so standardized and predictable in 2018 on professionally designed websites. The trend here is to say the same things but visually with impact. Here is one example and this design uses filters on the photo, monotone colors, this one reminds me of a blueprint, great for technical websites, plumbing, architectural or even just for a fun difference on a website that has a mission in mind.

4. TEXTURES: The way textures are being incorporated varies from backgrounds, buttons and fonts no longer being a flat tone of color. My own heart skipped a beat when I saw a banner on a website the other day that was geometric and it worked very well (Image source The brand logo needs to have a transparent background for best results. We can help you with tranparencies.

5. SATURATED GRADIENTS: I have used saturated backgrounds in my web design project for the last couple of years, my use was predominantly in customizing clickable buttons. Pair this saturated gradient with a bold, contrast color, san serif font and it can work. I make my own gradients with a Photo tool but a DIY-er could try using a phone or mobile app to blur the background of a simple image and then incorporate that into a background or some other feature in the design. The point is to separate visually from the competitors website so that you can hold attention a few seconds longer to increase your chances of convincing the online visitor to contact you (Image source Hubspot).


Online, there is a need to quickly make a point or we can lose the online visitor. We know ourselves that online we have the attention span of a common fruitfly. There is a noticeable shift in how aggressively that tactic is being approached and it can be a bit jarring at first.

What is happening is the neat and formatted styles are becoming so much the norm that visitors keep scrolling to the next website, it is like they are looking for something to suck them in. Grab and hold an online visitors attention and your opportunity to win them over increases substantially. This is being done with visuals that are completely non conformist like this one from designer: Biannual. Doesn't this website page make you want to linger a minute? It does not much matter why you linger, the opportunity to draw you in is the beginning of a potentially lasting connection.

7. Illustrations These little doodles in a transparent format can be terrific on a website as a visual component that makes your brand look unique and therefore separates you from the pack. They also function as pretty cool little icons for all kinds of social media branding. Imagine this on your Facebook memes, if you work with children or whimsy. Many tidy websites could use a shot of fun like PNG illustration.


Differentiate your online impact from the pack of competitors you stand toe to toe with online and you will increase the opportunity to hang on to the online visitor long enough for them to read and potentially choose your products or services. Design tweaks are infinite but inspiration like these can snatch online lead conversions positively and many these do not necessarily require a complete website overhaul. can assist, we can provide any of these and more graphic designer components for websites and social media.

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