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2018 Website Trends

I keep up to date on things like this because I am a website designer but also because I often work with SMB’s who want to DIY and then I find myself coming in as Plan B. Some people find that they just don’t have the time to dedicate to the website maintenance because they are busy running a business. I do not mind being Plan B for website development or providing graphic support. I provide graphic support invisibly for website designers often.

Here are trends to look for in 2018 because all those tidy website templates are going to become obsolete and seem dated quick as a wink. DIY in the website world is not taking over because professional design is not going out like that! There is truly a lot to be said for professional design and if you’re not careful, your website will tell people: I made this myself because my business is not successful. To avoid that, try incorporating some of these website design trends: