Phone Apps 4 Online Marketing

Who doesn't enjoy a great new phone app? One that solves problems, entertains or occupies your down time...

Apps can be a great help to entrepreneurs. Today’s phones are small and mighty computers with which a small business owner can perform many online marketing tasks. The awareness of useful apps (applications) can deliver a convenient little office function to your fingertips at a fraction of the expense of computer software. These phone apps may not complete the entire performance of larger software products but sometimes it is helpful to combine the resources of more that one app to create the finished product you have in mind.

We recently shared tips to get the best from marketing with Instagram, which is an excellent social media marketing tool for relevant industries.


1. Start with the end in mind

2. Select an app or a combination of apps that speak to the results you are seeking

3. Use vivid and compelling photos/videos

4. Choose a FB or Instagram ad too; Slideshow, Carousel, Canvas

Top Tools for Photo or Video enhancing:

Click on the image to learn the name of the app to learn more:

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