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4 Instagram Hacks for Marketers

Instagram's mission is to share life's beautiful moments. Instagram is second only to Facebook, unless you count YouTube as a social media, and marketers are falling in love with it. If you are onboard or heading in the Instagram direction, this article is for you.

Just so you know : Downsides of Insta : No links going on there so it is harder to lead followers back to your site (including a link in your profile helps), people don't get on Insta to read posts so your message could be lost (work around: make a meme style post). Keep it light and include a call to action for the win on Instagram!

Instagram marketing can be made easier with a few important tools, or apps (applications). No, you don’t need to buy Likes or Followers to build engagement. You can opt for using the right tools to perform the necessary tasks.

You will still need to engage, engagement is the fuel that makes you go far on Social Media. You will also need to do some prep work, it’s good business. If it helps, think of Social Media as new world networking as opposed to drudgery. Social Media is a free and low cost means to broadcasting your brand to large numbers of targeted people whom you might not ever be exposed to #Gratitude not #Drudgery.

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I began using Hootsuite in 2008 and since then I have seen lots of scheduler tools arrive at the party. You may think of Hootsuite exclusively as a tool to schedule posts on the top platforms and that is correct but Hootsuite is also a tool for “listening” and “engaging”. Hootsuite has a hashtag feature which allows you to target and engage with multiple users simultaneously. The speed at which this can be performed using Hootsute is pretty incredible if you think about it. The good point for engaging is that while engaging, you are also exposing your brand to lots of people. It takes 3 exposures for people to begin remembering your brand.

Hootsuite can be free, depending on the number of Social Media platforms you use.


Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler but Tailwind has been making a name for itself lately in the Instagram world. How is that? Tailwind assists in helping plan and post photos at your brands best times. There is also a hashtag generator and analytics tool to help you discover which hashtags are best for your audience. Then Tailwind will notify you when to post and do so with the hashtag and comment you pre-planned which definitely helps implementation. Look for new features in Tailwind Tribes.


Scheduling on Instagram can feel challenging and Hootsuite and Tailwind will simplify all the work for you but they can’t actually post for you. This is where the Grum website app enters the scene.

Grum lets you upload photos to your computer, insert your caption and hashtags, and then forget about it. Grim posts for you. Pretty awesome time saver because Instagram-ers get the best results when they post daily.

Grum’s shortcoming is that it doesn’t help you optimize for the best post times or hashtags. Remember Tailwind? Yes, the combined usage is best.


There’s an app for that! It is actually called Repost and it lets you share other peoples photos while giving credit to the originator. Repost is free to use and cross promoting is a perfect way to build excitement and help boost like minded posts. We rise by lifting others.


Engagement remains the crown king of Social Media, it puts eyes on your profile and posts. This helps people relate to you and positions you as an authority in your field. Running an Instagram account is work. You are a brand right? Brands do marketing work, hello. Use these tools, go to work, grow your following faster and easier and watch out, you will be Insta-fabulous with tweaks and consistency!

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