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Building a Business Using Only Social Media

The most venerable advice always comes from someone's personal experience and success so here is a personal success testimony of using only Social Media to build a business. It will be very helpful for you to draw upon your own imagination as to how to apply some of this information to your own success plan.

This article is in 2 parts, the first is the true story, the 2nd part is the how to. You will know it by the numbered list.

About 9 years ago I discovered Twitter and I was simultaneously dabbling in writing flash fiction. The stories were 6 sentences long and then I eased into 10 sentences. I enjoyed the writing so much, it was an exercise in writing concisely and I found it very satisfying. As I chatted about my writing hobby to friends, some would ask to read my work, thus began the idea to publish a collection of short stories. I looked to Twitter to gather together other would be authors and then went on to publish a variety of short stories. These were absolute strangers from around the entire nation whom I would not have otherwise met. We all had the same dream, to have our writing published, to be an actual “author”, become immortal if even in a small way. Baby steps, right?

I found a number of like minded others through Twitter and I sold them on the idea and the went on to sell lots books. Some people were funny and refused to purchase a book they had written, somehow feeling entitled to an award for their writing. Egos, chuckle. Change of plan: all authors get a free book I said. I also required my “authors” to make a 5 book minimum purchase if they were selected to be in the volume. People loved the idea of being chosen worthy and entered sheepishly and hopeful. The chosen dutifully purchased their minimum commitment and I supplied the FREE book, which, incidentally they paid for from the small mark-up I added to the 5 books they purchased. Everyone and their egos were happy. I made a profit, was published between two covers and I discovered the power of a social media. I did this many times and enjoyed it but my day job is website design and graphics.

Social media allows you to create a following, generate massive exposure, make a profit without a “boss” or “job” all without needing a store front. A really key take away is that you CAN compete online with bigger companies.

That was my start, I am a website designer and I provide a consultancy on social media so I know you need more information. Here goes:

1. Determine who you want to reach. Being as specific as possible, you can connect your goal to your target market. When your product fills a need or solves a problem for your ideal customer, that is where the magic begins to unfold.

2. Find where they hangout. They hang out on social media, trust me, and while not every single person in your target is on social, enough of them do to meet your goals. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest will be especially helpful in finding like minds. Do not forget YouTube! YouTube is like video Google search power. Also, follow, follow, follow your people.

3. Branding. This is a big deal. Give this a lot of fore thought. When you are publicizing your brand, stay mindful to adhere to standards of conduct consistent with your brand. Create a logo or statement about your brand, select colors that represent. What you are building is brand recognition, trust, a following and eventually customers.

4. Content. Everyone that comes to your website/social media is essentially a lead. Or shopper if it helps to see them that way. They are showing an interest in your brand/business. You can find them on social media. Your content, therefore, must consistently be appealing to your target. Don’t turn them off with your opinions about taboo subjects which have nothing to do with your brand. Feed them more of what they want and need. That food is CONTENT. Make it valuable and make it free of trickery.

5. Sell, in a non-sales way. People are not on Social Media to be sold to, they like fun, they like to escape, they like information that makes them think, and they can like your product or service but try the 80/20 rule. 80% of what you share on Social Media should be that valuable content, 20% of the time you can and should promote your business.

6. Amplify results. The strategies above will provide results but why not increase those results? Create Free Offers (coupon, checklist, free training), collect email addresses, follow up with your lead. Visibility 3 times can lead to a conversion from a lead to a customer. Follow up with things of value that you would like, don’t be annoying.Think about anything you have bought online and how they won you over, make your brand a version of that.

Now you are in the know! Knowing how to use social media to build your business. My brand, Remarkable Design, posts quality information such as this for those who have a dream to follow! Like us on FB: Remarkable Design


You can always make a list of your questions and schedule a private consultation with Remarkable Design because we know they did not teach Social Media in school!

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