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Social Media Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth (WOM) is the most effective advertising one could receive. What some people do not see is that social media offers the opportunity for effective Word of Mouth advertising. Or some see Social Media purely as a time waster. Enlightenment on how to get that WOM from this form of advertising will help you appreciate social media, so let’s get started!


In my community, and I am sure in yours, there is a Facebook group page where people ask: Looking for a reliable mechanic/hair dresser or whatever service or product is needed and then almost immediately there is a pile on phase where everyone and their brother flocks to tell you about their mechanic. That my friend is WOM. It is also free.

If you use social media + are actually social on social media, you will earn the right to mention your business every now and again. Do not pound people with your business message or they will ignore you. 70-80% of your social media activity should really be social where you are being personable. You share a funny joke, you share about something in your day without it being TMI (too much information), you share a photo of your pet, you share a quote. Being personal, not too personal, is the very best use of social media if you want WOM.

People will feel somewhat acquainted or familiar with you, trust you and even begin to have a sense of connection and then the next time someone posts or says: I need a yoga class/website designer/dental hygienist or whatever it is you do, everyone and their brother who know you from Facebook who saw the post request, will flock to tell them that you rock!

That, my friend is today’s Word of Mouth referral.

Get a Hashtag and Sprinkle It Around

An exclusive #Hashtag included on your social media posts will slowly amass a lineup of posts featuring your brand. Your hashtag should be memorable. You should encourage your clients, students, followers to use it. Like: Man, I need some #RemarkableDesign, my website is getting old! Ok, that was definitely a plug but I think you get the idea. Another example is #ShareACoke, type it in the Facebook top menu bar and see how it shows up.

You can also have customers add your # to an online review to show up positively on searches.

Get Reviews

Speaking of Reviews, ask your happy customers for online reviews such as on Fb and Google or any other social media or any of your marketing outlets such as Yelp or the BBB. When these outlets are online and you have a positive review, you are boosting your modern word of mouth advertising.

Love ‘em up

Invest in promotional products or even stickers that you can stick on thoughtful items you give away to customers. In the doing, you are making your customers happy with that brownie, pen, or candle while simultaneously broadcasting your brand. Include a #BrandHashtag! Or include your Facebook Business page name like this: FB/MyPage. Savvy FB users might peep your page and include @TwitterHandle for the Tweeters.

These tips are designed to boost your WOM or Word of Mouth advertising, I hope you give some a try. If you have and idea along these lines, please leave a comment and your FB/YourPage or @You, you will be boosting your visibility and letting us know you found value in our blog =)

*If your website IS actually vintage (3 years +) CAN assist you in edits and redesign.

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