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5 Ways to use FB for Direct Sales Biz

You realize you should to try to do something on Facebook to represent your direct sales business...

So let’s stir up the fun! If you currently have less than 100 followers on your page of if you don’t actively engage your followers, it may take some time to see results. Right now it may seem like you are yelling into deep space and that no one hears you. Before you give up, try this:

1. Get real! Facebook fans love seeing behind the scenes type posts of you being a real person. The primary reason people use Facebook is to connect with people. Social Media is not merely a name, the Social component is the actual engine that makes social media go. So how can you be social?

  • Try posting a photo of your office, your pets, plants, or even share a recipe.

  • Engage your audience in a little fun such as a game of "guess" where you show something in silhouette or wrapped and you ask in your post for your audience to guess what's inside.

  • Put anything inside that's interesting or funny or that you can't live without. Something of value.

  • At the end announce the winner and show what was inside. The items can be totally random just be sure to have fun with it! What I have seen is when there is a prize people respond to that and start interacting.

2. People love Selfies! Have them post a selfie directly to your fan page or within a thread that you start. Your thread could ask questions like:

  • Where are you right now?

  • What's the weather?

  • What's for dinner tonight?

  • Do you have a pet?

  • Show a desk Selfie

  • Outfit of the day

3. Personal shout out to customers via video:

You could thank people for their business, complement them on their sense of style or they're fabulous "something". Just say something nice about people that would really make their day.

4. Star! Ask an enthusiastic customer or client to give you a quick 30 second video demonstrating their favorite product!

I am a big fan of taking videos using your phone! The reason I like this is because of the viewer experience, they see the sincerity. Professional videos are scripted, polished and beautiful but remember this is social media and people let there hair down here!

5. Pop up! If you hold a virtual event, pre-schedule a post to pop up on your fan page during the event. Let people know to “Like” your page and also to comment to be entered into your drawing. The prize could be a gift certificate for your products or services, free shipping, free consultation etc. FB has a preschedule feature but there are tools like that allow users to create, organize, save and schedule posts, pins and tweets all in one place.

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