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In the past 2 weeks, Remarkable Design has had several requests for “affiliate marketing” websites featuring eBay or Amazon banners floating through. Ebay/Amazon pays a percentage when their link is clicked and the customer makes a purchase. Years ago we set these banners up on websites for Google and we still do but these are the latest big brands offering the feature.

Of course we were happy to accommodate but even more than that, we were curious. What is this hot thing going on with the Titans of industry? We investigated!

The online affiliate programs work like this:

you sign up, are awarded a membership link and when someone clicks the link at your website, Amazon, Ebay, or whomever you are affiliated with, knows the customer was sent to them from you. A portion of their purchase payment is sent to you. That rate varied, I saw 50%-70%. Imagine if someone bought a big ticket item such as a car… 50% of that price is yours! Simple enough and not really new information for some of you reading, the big deal is that it is Amazon and eBay that we’re talking about!

With your website though, you can put up banner ads. The company usually has a variety of banner ads for you to select from. The banner ads change from month to month. They affiliate company does that part of the work. Your job is to have a respectable website to host the banner at.

If you find the idea of affiliate marketing interesting and want to learn more, here is a link to one of my research sources:

The affiliate company wants you to succeed because in turn, they succeed, so the big brands of eBay/Amazon provides information on ways in which you can encourage traffic to your website.

Here is the kicker:

If your website looks like a 12 year old made it or it is boring, appears frozen in time, has poor grammar, spelling and such, you are not likely to hold on to the traffic long enough for visitors to notice your banner ads let alone click on them.

(We fix ugly websites like the one your cousin made for you

and of course we create new websites.)

We can see why affiliate marketing with these industry giants gained appeal to our new clients, our website clients say they are making money without doing anything! We have not tried affiliate marketing, but we are expert at creating and setting up the website and banners. The investment is the website and a little time choosing the banner, learning where they can post a link to their website that will get them traffic. The affiliate brand provides that information, too!

Let’s get affiliate marketing on your website! Whether you have an existing website or you need a pro-web presence. We are coders and can perform maintenance on just about any website made.


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