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3 Ways to Website Results

Let us assume you own a small/medium business, you want more clients, you have or wish to have a website, you want to get results from that website.

Everybody says you have to have a website today and so you get one but nothing amazing happened. Your website is like a car. That car can have all of the working parts but it needs fuel to go and it should also have insurance of some kind.

Your website needs additional elements also, it needs SEO, search engine optimization, keywords built in.

Once you have the SEO built in, the SEO needs to be nurtured every month much like refilling that gas tank.

Insurance: the insurance part is the consistent online activity that makes sure your business is seen.

A new client told me how she wanted to allocate her marketing budget: she wanted a family member to make her website for the lowest cost and then for me to take over the SEO when they finished. Interesting. Remarkable Design fixes ugly and weaknesses in websites.

Brilliant to use a professional for SEO strategy, what is trending in SEO is constantly changing. Online marketing, can help business get the expansive exposure they need to attract the next client. Ongoing SEO is the high-grade fuel you want in your marketing portfolio. It is measurable and works hard for you every month, it is the thing that can keep your momentum in business moving forward. Remember, having a car, or having a website, is only the beginning of your online journey!

*** SEO is not one thing, it consists of multiple strategies and these strategies need to be nurtured consistently because search engines like Google are constantly ranking the online presence. Your online rank score determines whether your business shows up on the first page for a particular search.

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