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Are Your Lights On?

I've got a question: online, are your lights on? The lights to your place online? People are looking for what you have.


When I am networking with start-ups and SMB’s, I meet far too many people with a dream who are committing a significant amount of time to attending networking groups and events hoping to meet that ideal client and not investing in the services of a website professional. These people with exciting dreams hope to exchange information with the right person, meet for lunch or coffee, get to know them and all the while they are crossing their fingers that this is also the right time for that person to make a commitment.

Meanwhile, their websites are not working for them and for all intents and purposes, they may as well have a dark store and a CLOSED sign hanging in the window of their online business.



These poor, unfortunate rookies are missing out on a time saving, and marketing budget saving delivery tool because a professional website designed with SEO on the back end, can deliver the ideal client right to your inbox. That client has already done some homework about your product or service and is often ready to commit and has gone online and chosen you. You have already courted this client by having a trust building website.

What does one client cost you right now?

What does a professional website give you? Which is the best return on your investment? The professional website provides 24 hour sales and marketing. Time back in your schedule and money, sales, profit, more customers and clients.

If you are serious about working for yourself or the success of your non-profit, some of your marketing dollars and time deserve for you to look into what professional website design can do for you. It is far cheaper than a marketing employee.

BIO: Rhonda M. Smolarek, online marketing professional: Website Design | SEO | Social Media. If your business is not generating enough new customers or clients, maybe it’s time we talked. Find me at

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