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SEO... WTHeck is That?

There are many successful business owners who got there by delivering quality goods and services, attention to detail and plenty of hard work and they did it all before technology came along. These folks are somewhat indifferent to online marketing and don’t even mention Social Media to them. I said Facebook to a guy recently and I am almost certain he responded with something like Bah! and maybe Humbug!

I have to admire those folks who made their success before online marketing and yet, because I am in the field of technology, there are things I wish they knew so that all their hard work doesn’t go down the tube.

The first thing I would want to tell them is that while they will continue to get word of mouth referrals, most consumers today (more than 50%) look to the internet when they need a solution. And that is exactly where they find your competitor when you are AT: Avoiding Technology.

"AT" is my own acronym, I use it in my CRM to let me know to be gentle on the computer terms with a client. I understand that these AT business owners avoid online advertising because it’s not their thing and they wouldn’t know where to start, which is why I am going to help with that part. Below are a few basics to point you in the right direction when you are ready to talk to a professional about SEO (search engine optimization) for your website.


Use your favorite search engine, like Google, to search for your product or service in your town. Try this with your phone and a desktop if possible. Is your competition showing up on the first page of that search? If the answer is yes, you might want to get your head out of the sand and into the game.


Find a website developer, or designer, who offers SEO services. Not all web developers do this and not all Website Box Templates assist with SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Having a website authenticates you but having the addition of SEO strategies puts gas in your online vehicle. Vehicles don’t do you any good sitting in the driveway. Websites don’t do much good parked on the super highway with no SEO to rank them.


Before you hire, ask the SEO professional for testimonies of recent clients who are happy with the leads their services bring in. It would be especially helpful if some of these were related to your area of work. Ask the SEO professional if their clients are on the first page of an online search and have them show you one or more. Call and inquire about the SEO guy/gal with one of those examples if you want to be sure of your investment. Why? Those SEO folks want money! It is a worthy upgrade for your website but only if it works. Compare really big SEO services with a small business person's SEO services. SEO is SEO, and freelancers often offer identical services at prices that are manageable.


SEO should eventually pay for itself by providing you with leads. It takes time to move online business to the first page of an online search because search engines like Google grades/ranks websites. When your website ranks higher and higher from the SEO strategies, your business gets contacts and phone calls. You can pay a premium for SEO but keep in mind that online contact is the new Word of Mouth.

Any questions? I know you have questions. Ask. I'll answer.

BIO: Rhonda M Smolarek does, wouldn’t you know it SEO (search engine optimization). She also develops websites and graphic design. She won’t try to sell you a new website either, as a software developer, Rhonda is qualified to make upgrades to most websites.

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