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Do you have a Facebook business page? Did you set that page up yourself? If both answers are yes, chances are your Facebook business page has an official URL name like:

What’s wrong with that?

  • Your business page isn't likely to be discovered as often.

  • Other businesses across the nation may have chosen the same FB name your business uses which makes it unclear which is your page.

  • Your FB page can not be easily linked on your website with that long, system generated address. There are creative work arounds but they are not optimum solutions.

  • A custom FB URL is of benefit to your SEO, which is your online ranking. Ranking determines whether people searching for your products or services discover your page.

What can you do?

You can customize your FB page to something user friendly and that points to the page you want to share. This improvement can benefit your online page ranking when incorporated into the SEO strategy.

What should it say?

Before committing to an official name, give your some thoughtful consideration. Facebook constantly changes and so too does your ability to adjust this online name once you have committed.

Here is how (2017):

Go to your FB business page account. Using the menu on the left column click on the word About:

Website SEO Management Colorado Springs

From the FB About page, to the left of the About menu you will see a pencil and the words Edit Page Info. Click on Edit Page Info.

Website SEO Management Colorado Springs

See, at the middle (left-ish) the words Username and the word Edit to the right of that...

You will see the FB system generated name there which is what you will now customize to a name which is:

  • easy to remember

  • easy to share

  • short, not excessively long to type

After changing and saving this FB name, you have a Social Media Vanity plate or a custom FB URL that you can add to your business cards, website, and when posting to other Social Platforms. Groovy right?

Questions and Comments are always welcome.

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