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Advertising VS Flirting

I’ve always seen advertising as a form of flirting. Now, in real life, I am not much of a flirt but give me something to write on and watch out! Consider marketing and advertising, how they’re like dating:

  1. Start with a good line.

A cheesy pickup line will probably fall flat in person. It will definitely fall flat in an email subject line.

Say something overly generic like:

Subject: an offer you can’t refuse

This begs for a swipe left, or a quick delete without a read. On the other hand, an intelligent, engaging offer has a solid chance of getting a glance. That’s the same way a good pickup line works.

Don’t talk all about yourself.

Know what happens on a date if you talk all about yourself? You probably don’t get a call back.

Same with sales. If you blather on and on with self-promotion in an email, you are deleted. That is not the way to establish a relationship, that is not the way to learn more about a prospect.

2. Don’t use lame tactics.

Phonies and the gamesmanship thing is a turn off. Majorly. Pretension is a fail, if not in the beginning, it will happen when people see through you.

Gamesmanship is pretending to add value that turns out to be a waste of someone’s time.

Lame tactics is like pretending to know someone in an attempt to get them to talk to you. It is like using a pretend Re: in an email in order to get someone to read the email.

Fake familiarity may work on rookies but guess what? Rookies are probably not your target market anyway because they may not be the decision maker or they don’t have the budget for your services.

Once people recognize you have duped them, they resist any connection.

3. Don’t try to hard.

Coming on too strong with the hard sell is just too much. On a date and in an email, all that hot air is a turn off.

What does it look like? It is you droning on and on about how great your thing is, or how much people need your item or service. It is all kinds of promises, even if they are true, you may seem a little too much to believe.

Know when to back off.

Continuous emails to people who aren’t biting makes you seem desperate and annoying. It is important to know when to chill and to know how to keep the door open.

Can you see how dating and advertising take the same type of savvy? If you are wearing many hats, it may be better for your chances at success to look into what works. Maybe what works is having someone else be your match maker. That can be with blogs, websites, or other areas of your marketing. Poor marketing is the number one reason new businesses fail and a major reason prospects choose your competitor.

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Bio: Nerd. Tech Ad nerd to be exact. Follow me. Hire me. Either is good: Rhonda M. Smolarek, websites, graphics, mobile marketing.

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