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Don’t Discover This Too Late

Many new businesses don't last more than a couple of years but they learn lots of lessons before they fold.

One of the most important, and yet late in the game, lessons that budding entrepreneurs overlook or underestimate is the value of having a professionally designed business card and a trust building website link on that business card.

Additional marketing materials to leave behind don’t hurt either.


When funds are limited and you know more about your product or service than you do about marketing + saving money is a priority, some people tell themselves:

  • I'll make my website myself and save money

  • I'll do my own social media marketing

  • I'll make my own business card

That all may seem like a good idea to a rookie, however, all of those are simultaneously the first opportunity a potential client meets you for the first time. I would argue those should be your top investment priorities. Those elements convey success and who wants to invest in a business that may not be there for them? Few people would.


An experienced professional designer can make you look so good that you earn back your investment money in no time. Without that designer you're actually losing money.

Business is overlooked at networking events

Your time and money are wasted at regularly scheduled meetings until you figure it out

You know less about your target market

If you believe in yourself and want to succeed, invest in yourself. Maybe you have to sell some items on craigslist or go without a few Starbucks. The reward would mean more credibility, more meetings on the books, more opportunities to close deals.


When we meet, my first and often unconscious thought is:

Why should I call you when you don't look like the effort will be worth my time?

You look new, fumbling, unsure...

We don't attract the success we want, we attract to us the success we convey.

Don’t find out too late what successful businesses already know: invest in the professional marketing ambassadors of a strong website, a confident business card, attractive and compelling flyers, bookmarks etc.

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Bio: Rhonda Smolarek, multi-media marketing professional at and Keynote speaking and consulting available. Specializing in Marketing: SEO based Website and Graphic design, with online and mobile marketing options.

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