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Like many of my clients, I have spent time attending business networking events and while I continue to do so, I network smarter and less frequently. Doing so saves me both time and money and yields a greater returns on my efforts.

If your business sells a product and not services, you may believe that you are benefitted from all the attendance but I challenge you to exchange some weekly groups for meetings with higher-end clients who are present at monthly meetings or even quarterly mixers.

If your business sells services, you may not have much time for the weekly meetings and would benefit from a more targeted mixer that meets less often.

Search for monthly meetings on sites like Many of us like to think our product or service is for everyone but I challenge you to look for a targeted industry as opposed to individuals. For example, if you sell health products, look for gyms or athletic themed industries who may be interested in a commission for carrying your products.

Exchange weekly group meetings for event booths or tables. This is an investment of your time and money so be sure to target this choice to match your products or services.

Improve your online marketing: You expend money for gas and a meal to attend each weekly meeting. Swap that financial investment for smarter marketing like online upgrading website SEO for your website and professionally made fliers and marketing materials.

Try some of these suggestions to freshen up your game plan. Do you have a tip to share? Do you have a question or concern about the suggestions mentioned here? Your comments are always welcome.

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