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Effective trends in website marketing and mobile audience centered QR code marketing that make you stand apart from the competition. Preview features worth adding to encourage contact from online and mobile visitors.

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This article contains timely and inspiring information! None of this excellent information will do a thing for you without a high performing website. Get a report on your websites performance by clicking the image:


There are many ways to promote your website but keep in mind that posting online to best effect will require a specific marketing formula. Rhonda Smolarek, a revolutionary Website and Graphics Design expert and is available to provide that formula for your business.

Social Bookmarking - the Online Bulletin Boards

Post favorite articles, blog posts, videos etc. at a social media outlet which has the ability to spread your URL (your website address) like crazy. Doing so boosts your SEO juice, giving you more traffic to your site and those coveted backlinks. Where can you do this?

  • Pinterest

  • Stumbleupon

  • Reddit

  • Digg

  • Delicious

Industry Directories - The Phone Book, but Online

You should be on directories like Bing for business, Google my Business, Yahoo!, and if you are not, ha! Let me know if you need help with that. A quick search on the directory will provide even more resources that you should be listed on. These are easy and big payoffs for your website.

Blogs - Short for weB Log

A blog is a fantastic place to interact with your client base and works towards getting them familiar with your brand. Provide inspiring content delivered in the voice of your brand. Get that SEO bump by using long tail keywords (these are longer and specific phrases that describe your site).

Your Email - The No Brainer

Your email signature is possibly the easiest and most subtle opportunity to self-promote your website and other online places you have a presence. It has your name, and can have all the social media accounts at the fingertips of whomever is reading your email.


Websites must perform well and have the support of your marketing funnel. Remarkable-Design has a visual and performance test we run to evaluate websites because a high-perfomance website will capture more leads.

Comments? Questions? We look forward to responding.

Bio: Rhonda M. Smolarek, Chief Web Designer at, online marketer and graphic design expert. You can also find Ms. Smolarek working her magic with Mobile Marketing at

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