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Website Promoting- Forget Something?

You got Facebook covered? Check. Twitter? Linkedin? Checkity check. Social outlets are the first place people promote their websites, though many do not do it with leverage. We can discuss that matter in greater detail later. Effective online marketing has different components than personal social media uses and is measurable. To actually drive traffic traffic to your website and create leads you have to use online marketing components that work together and are not the stand alone feature that merely having a website is. Is your head beginning to spin? Hang on to it for another minute while I give you this analogy:

You have a place to live, right? That place is great shelter but to make it better, you want to turn on the lights. You also want heat and air. You want your friends to come over, so you want a visible address at your location. All those items are basic and expected to having a home that you can use and enjoy. Your website needs it’s own items in order to get full use and enjoyment, too. I hope you’re still with me, I will show you what I mean.