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How Do I Get Website Hits

So many people mention to me that their website doesn’t get any hits or that their website doesn't perform in their online marketing, that I have been compelled to provide information regarding increasing the potential for your website to get hits. Websites are a big part of your marketing and online presence but rarely is that enough to sufficiently market a business.

The information in this article will work best if you have a professionally developed website featuring known high performance strategies but if you have a do-it-yourself website, we can provide you a report of suggestions to bring your website up to par. Mention this blog for a 10% limited time discount on a website report from

Websites are like business stores in that they are a good start but you must let people know you exist and that you are open for business. One thing you would do for your real life store is turn your lights on. The ways to turn your lights on for your website are to:

1. Include your URL, which is your website address, in all of your print marketing such as business cards, flyers and any promotional products such as the backs of t-shirts and on pens.

2. Add your website URL to your email signature.

3. Get your business on Google+ if you haven't yet. Go here to claim your Google+ business listing.

4. Make your Google+ listing complete, specific about what you do and what makes you different from your competition. Include links to Youtube.

5. Get reviews for your business from that Google+ listing. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CRAFT OR TAMPER WITH YOUR REVIEW, if you get caught, you risk losing your listing. Contact Google if you have a question or concern instead.

6. Get your business on Social Media, making sure you have filled out your profile with as much clarity and include links to your websites when you post. Too many people post to social media and never include a link to their websites. Don’t be super saleslady on your social pages, try a 70/30 ratio with 30% being sales posts that include a link to your website or somewhere in your online presence which contains a link to your website. Choose from these social media platforms according to your business objectives:








7. List your business on online directories. These listing provide links back to your website can drive traffic to your website as well as benefit your SEO (search engine optimization). List your business on these online directories such as:

1. Local Chamber of Commerce

2. Yelp

3. Yahoo Business Listings

4. White Pages

5. Super Pages

6. Bing Business Listings

8. Blog! Blog means weB LOG, which is a regularly updated website or web page. Blogs added to your website signal web ranking to update your SEO and therefore is an organic (unpaid) method for improving your online ranking. Blowing works best when performed regularly and distributed by links on places like your social media and other areas of your online presence. You can hire content writers to blog for you.

9. Promote reviews of your business at your online presence locations.

10. Use press release sites like to broadcast news about your business such as awards and nominations. Include a link to your website.

Do you have any questions or comments? Please use our comment section.

BIO: Rhonda Smolarek is a professional website developer, content writer, and graphic designer. You can find Ms. Smolarek at and

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