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This lady’s name is Beatrice, I'm going to refer to her as Bea sometimes. You may remember Bea from an commercial where she crushes candy with a hammer on her table like in the popular online game Candy Crush. Bea says it's such fun. Right.

Beatrice also believes she has saved a ton of money by posting her vacation photos to her wall at home. Her friend, whom she unfriended, was shocked and insisted:

“That’s not how it works! That’s not how any of this works!”.

I experience that same level of exasperation when some new stranger asks me to Like their Facebook business page. I take the opportunity to peek at how the strategy links up and works together and nearly every time I see a Beatrice: someone who is doing what s/he believes is trending but has it all wrong! I look at the whole set up because I am a social media geek, in case you hadn't noticed. That's why I wrote this article.

Don’t be a Bea…

I get Facebook friend requests almost daily now that FB has lifted friend restrictions. People who think they are being clever by inviting lots of folks to be their Facebook friends with the intention of converting these people to a Facebook business page Like.

“That’s not how it works!”

The Bea’s think they are clever by pretending to Friend people on Facebook and then inviting these Friends to like their business page shortly thereafter. Like most of you, the moment I get bombarded with Beatrice's business messages (aka SPAM), I unfollow the page while sometimes maintaining the page Like. Or, I scroll right past the post. Then Bea is left with no value for her hard work because Facebook page Likes without any user engagement means that Beatrice is posting things that people never see. Even the people who don’t know where the Unfollow option is don’t see Bea’s posts after a while because when visitors don’t engage with your page, Facebook eventually stops showing it to them.

Facebook is customized to every user and you do realize that you don’t see posts from everyone you follow, right? If there appears to Facebook that you have no interest, Bea’s page fades from your timeline. Business page exposure is not based on page Likes, it is based on fan activity (a posts Likes, comments). If the silly Bea's were doing social media marketing right, they would be making new connections, creating leads, improving website SEO and growing their business.

“That’s not how it works!”

Often, Bea’s Facebook business page is not even set up effectively, the posts (which hardly anyone sees) do nothing to create business for Bea, there is no connection to an coordinating area on the website, the website doesn’t help the visitor in the least. Poor Beatrice is doing all this work of making new friends, converting them to page Likes and posting and she isn’t seeing any results. Beatrice may think to herself, eventually, that none of this works, she has no idea that:

“That’s not how it works!”

What can Beatrice do?

Meanwhile, Beatrice, who is accustomed to "interruption style marketing", is unwittingly being rude. Facebook is more like a cocktail party. People are not on Social Media to be sold to. Beatrice may as well stop going hard at strangers with her sales messages. Just like at any other party, you absolutely have to participate in friendly mingling in order to get the desired effect organically. Organically means un-paid. Presuming the desired effect is that people see Beatrice’s business message.

If you think all that mingling on Facebook, where users check in more than 14x a day, is a waste of your time, you can join a Facebook group page. They are usually more tolerant of your sale-sy shenanigans there. Be sure to check the rules at each group page because the originator of the page establishes what is acceptable and can decline and even delete your message.

Don't be a Bea...

You need your Facebook business page set up properly. You also need your website set up properly. You need to post properly to Facebook… What is this “properly”? Properly refers to in a strategic manner in which all of your efforts work together to create the potential for new business opportunities. Whatever you do, recognize that you do not want to be a silly Bea: Learn more about social media marketing!

Bio: Rhonda M. Smolarek, author of the mobile marketing book: Quick Response Codes Optimized, is a Social Media Consultant. She can tell you what Beatrice should be doing to improve her chances at getting results. Find Rhonda at

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