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You Still Need a High Performance Website

Let us say that you use a marketing source to funnel business to your website. Maybe a company such as Groupon, a publication journal ad, or some other method and the marketing source lists your website URL… You know this marketing is working because your phone is ringing. For that reason, you haven’t upgraded your website in years. I hear this scenario repeatedly and here is what I have noticed:

Your website hasn’t been upgraded in years: Today, people reach your website from their mobile devices, usually a smart phone which means they could call you and make a reservation right then when they are interested… except:

The phone number on your website doesn’t dial… Your phone number is listed but nothing happens when I press it. You are just a click away from the next guy who does what you do. People want quick satisfaction, they do not necessarily want to look all around your site for your number nor copy and paste your contact number. Yes, you better believe people are THAT impatient. This deficit could cost you a lead that you worked hard to funnel with hard earned marketing efforts and dollars.

You don’t have an address visible… For all the visitor to your website knows, you are not a brick and mortar company and they need to order online to get the item they were searching for. Again, people don’t necessarily want to click around for the information they need. Unless you are a very specialized company, this missing address could cost you business.

Phone number is not visible… You have your business number listed somewhere such as your Contact page, or at the bottom of your website pages. Plenty of people are not going to click down and search around. Why should they? This person has arrived at your site by doing a search engine search, he can simply go to the next guys’ website in the list.

Your site is not mobile friendly… You may look at your website from your phone and say to yourself, I can see my site when I do a search on my site name, it’s pretty small, but it still comes up. Last April, Google made an announcement that it would not deliver in a search, those sites that are not mobile friendly. Sure, you can search your business name and show up, however if you search your line of work, your website may not be a contender because it’s small appearance can make it not mobile friendly according to Google, the number one search engine.

SEO optimized… There are lot’s of DIY website opportunities and even website designers who are not incorporating SEO techniques. This may matter to you because the use of SEO strategies could save you money in pay-per-click and other methods of marketing. Many websites can experience organic first page online search results if your designer was SEO savvy.

Conclusion… Your oldish website can be costing you valuable contacts, even with other funnels driving traffic to your website. By comparison, your site may not appear as relevant as your competitor. It has always been important to provide pertinent, trust building information quickly on the internet. What that information includes is in a state of change from year to year. To impress your relevancy to the visitors needs is paramount and the money you may think you are saving is very likely costing you instead! You pay in missed opportunity.

BIO: Rhonda M. Smolarek (authors as Rhonda M. Gould) is a professional website designer located in Colorado Springs, helping businesses around the entire united states. She can be found on Thumbtack where she earned a gold status for her work., on Twitter as the @QueenOfQRC.

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