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Starting A Business? Avoid These "Beginner" Mistakes:

February 6, 2016


When beginning a new business you are full of enthusiasm and that is great. Things will not turn out the way you planned though. This has been true for all entrepreneurs and you need not be discouraged, just hang in there!


1. The first year is for learning

Learning will look a lot like failing if you look at things wrong. Every #Fail is a gift pointing out to you what you need to learn, build a plan for, or adjust. When the #Fail happens, say thank you for the gift and make an action plan that ensures you never have that problem again.

2. Not investing in your self properly

Many new businesses people fail to invest in proper marketing. Proper marketing includes online marketing, online is where many people first meet you. Would you spend money with a brand you met online if it did not have that online competence factor? Not likely.

3. Not doing research

You are new at this, but you are not likely the only person who has ever done what it is you do. The great news here is that YouTube, one of the world's top search engine most likely has a video that tells how to perform sales in your market. Another piece of good news is that you can research your competition or other great successes for inspiration.  

4. Not making a power partner

Rookies may not have any idea who their power partners are because the term itself is absolutely new. A power partner is simply another professional with similar ethics and quality whose business works hand in hand with yours. With a power partner, you can pass referrals back and forth. An example would be, a martial artist makes a friendship with an empowerment coach. Each pro can speak to the others groups, share contact info on the marketng materials and so much more.


What are the beginner mistakes or lessons you can recommend? Leave a comment!


Bio: Rhonda M. Smolarek, Web & Grahics Design with all around social marketing expertise. Author of the book: Quick Response Codes Optimized available at Amazon and on Kindle

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