why have A WEBSITE

Back to Basics: Why have a website at all? What's the big deal?

If you are in business today, you have asked yourself that question or need to know the answer to that question.

You do have a business card, right? You need a website today for the same reasons you have a business card: you want people to contact you about your product or services. If you are old school, think of a website as a super powered, graphically enhanced, multi-destinational business card with a phone book ad.

Let's say you went to a business event and handed out several business cards and received some as well. With your website information now handy, someone interested in learning more about you and your business now has the opportunity to "sleuth" you, or to observe you in all your activities on the internet.

With your own website, you can quickly convey aspects of your business, establish your credibility, show your wares, make online purchases possible, answer questions that your client would want to ask, and so much more.

Today, many people are suspicious about doing business with someone who does not have a web presence. You are simply not credible, to some, without an online footprint. Likewise, if you have a website which looks poor in quality, that is the type of client you tend to attract: people who are on the lower end of commitment to your products and services.

The basics of a having professionally designed website can deliver an increase in revenue by enabling your business to be discovered by the people who are holding a tablet or phone in their hands and doing research on exactly what it is you do.

What are you waiting for?

Bio: Rhonda M. Smolarek, a professional website designer at QR Codes of Note and Remarkable-Design.com, knows that those in hand-crafting professions are not that keen on techy stuff and would appreciate an explanation!

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