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QR (quick response) codes are currently experiencing a positive resurgence during COVID times and this time of advanced technology. Today's phone technologies no longer require deploying an app prior to scanning and accessing opportunities and information. QR Codes can also provide a hands-free accessing of forms, menus, registration, and other information-sharing/collecting points of contact. When QR codes are prominently displayed or worn on lanyards, they can provide, for example, quick registration, a rapid download, a video, or other information that aids transactions.

There are basic qr codes, simple black, and white squares which point to one destination. Then there are Remarkable Design qr codes. Remarkable Design, pioneers in optimized qr code campaigns since 2012, has a greater vision for qr code branding and customized destinations. These uses are individualized and we welcome serious inquiries about what we could do for your marketing goals.

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We can customize your branded qr code destination to your marketing goals.



Remarkable Design's   qr code destination's can be changed without reprinting or rebranding. 



Measured QR code's mobile activity: number of scans, page clicks and visits, and more.



Good looking codes invite a higher interest in scanning due to the modern and unique look.


In 2017, the Colorado Springs Business Journal awarded my creative and optimized technology work with QR codes, the second-place winner in technology innovation. Robotics won the top prize and I can't really complain!

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Remarkable Design,






a website design agency has created performance-optimized QR codes with a graphic design presence since 2012 and pushed their abilities further from the beginning. Marketing is the ability to measure the effectiveness of campaigns for future adjustments. Remarkable Design's QR codes have the power of analytics on board. Original use QR codes scanned with a little delay, that potentially missed opportunity issue has been eliminated. The boring, easily ignored marketing squares hidden in the corner is no longer the rule with trendsetting looks.

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

― Aristotle