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We met through a mobile marketing tool,

the QR code - aka quick response code.

This professional tool by Remarkable Design is anything but basic.

Our branded design launches quickly via a mobile camera.

Redirection capable, the destination message can change without a reprint or redesign.

No website needed as the destination side can be customized to match your current goals.

No rush to update your website. This code can send visitors to an independent destination.


Solid Websites with Google placement and SEO optimization is the cornerstone of the Remarkable Design, award-winning website designs, and CSBJ winner in innovative technology.  


Remarkable Design is an independent website agency, operating since 2012, delivering high end looks, excellent and concise written content, clear graphics for US clients. 


Remarkable Design specializes in realtor QR codes in the interest of quickly imparting buyer information with the goal of less print material.  


Websites, flash pages, Instant sales with downloads,  donations, can all be accessed immediately with a QR (quick response) code and the incorporation into your marketing toolbox today is highly encouraged. Touch-free marketing when used on lanyards, banners, and trending ground stickers. 


Multi Page 

Business Meeting

Flash Page

Keyboard and Mouse

Contact Form

NYC Skyline BW


Serving clients 
North location:
1755 Telstar Drive, Suite #300
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Downtown at
102 S Tejon St Suite 1100,
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Monday - Friday

8 AM - 5 PM

Mountain Standard Time

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