Assign Facebook Admin instructions 2017

  • Requires your Facebook password to finalize this action

  • The person you make Admin must be a Facebook Friend


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Go to your Facebook business page.

Arrows point the way!

Go to the top menu bar, on the right

Click on the word Settings...

This page shows up

Page Roles is in the left column, see arrow

Click on the word Page Roles...

The right column changes and just below the middle of the page you will see the words

Assign a New Page Role, see arrow

You must be Facebook Friends with the person whose name you add here.

Add a Name

To the right of the name field is a box that says editor and has small up and down arrows

Click on that box and it pops open the box indicated by the arrow

Select Admin

The word Admin is toggled

You have added a name

The word Admin is toggled

and the box to Add is now highlighted.

Click Add

You will be prompted to add your Facebook password in order to authenticate this person as an administrator to this page.