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Rhonda Smolarek, Founder & Lead Designer


 QR code Logo Graphics

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My mission in all that I do is to give the best of my knowledge, creativity and dedication to the people, organizations and families I serve.  
I am ferociously curious, and competitive in the online representation of my clients in their industry. I want my clients at the tops of online searches. I want my clients to immediately appear as knowledgeable, trustworthy, leaders in their industry who are easy to approach. 
I stay on top of my game as a website designer, graphics professional, Social Media expert. I constantly seek inspiration, effectiveness, and follow online trends. I approach every project with fresh and eager eyes. I research my client's competitors and similar experts nationwide to bring the most relevant, appropriate wording, keywords and visual appeal to the published product. 
In 2017,  the CSBJ (Colorado Springs Business Journal) awarded me for technology innovation. My innovation was based on mobile marketing. I authored a book on my design that sells on Amazon and Kindle.
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My Innovative Specialty is Designer QR Codes

Website based or customized.

Super quick scanning

Branded with Logo or Image

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Consuming marketing books and articles are a mainstay in my life and one thing that struck me early on was when an industry leader pointed out that online you are remarkable or forgettable. I observed that many websites look identical. I made it my purpose to design websites that hook the viewer quickly, cause them to pause. The longer a person stays at a website, the more likely they are to make contact.
I am the lead designer at Remarkable Design. I am inherently innovative, it comes from within as well as from a strong interest in art and design from a variety of sources. If you have an idea, I would enjoy the challenge of bringing it to life.
I love to learn. I knew early on that I would be an eternal student and this permeates every area of my life. I try new recipes, listen to new songs, try new foods, travel to new places and constantly rearrange my furniture. This way of being plays out well in my website design and may be an element that separates me from my own competitors.
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On A More Personal Note

I am a Marine Corps Veteran, a 4063 Software Engineer. I have taught high school and was honored to nurture community children even when they were not being lovable. I have an adult son who is serving our country in the USAF. The graphic design I offer is strictly QR code related. I have a miniature Shitzu, or she has me. I enjoy plants and gardening. I'm a sucker for yarn, knitting, and crochet. 

As your brand ally, I'm a straight shooter, a team player and I rely on you to help me help you. I will require you to sign an agreement, intended for your understanding of expectations. 

Integrity is my super-power. Unfortunately, I do not work for people who do not show up as their highest selves or bring harsh discord to the professional dynamics in motion.

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